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Los árboles de pino aéreas
Lakeside Straw Huts
Estructura de madera

 A R T E S A N O
 a l t e r n a t i v e   .   d e v e l o p      .    d e s i g n  
  Escazu . Dominical . Guanacaste . Costa Rica.  

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Smart Designs that are buildable and 

immerse into the plot, plan, guarantee.

They includes budgeting process, value engineering, due diligence and environmental responsibility to create a unique and complete product.

Premium Architecture


We have the human resources, certified professionals and smart logistics, to develop every project with success.


Also, contacts, providers, suppliers all guarantee and high end quality, to protect your investment.

In House Construction


Construction by Funds Management, is always flexible, affordable and efficient, as a response and proposal for  the actual global economy and random companies prices in Costa Rica.

Long term, we trust in their benefits and gains.

Funds Management

Design Portfolio

Construction Portfolio

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  • Icono social LinkedIn / Projects: 506 - 8840 5711 / jose@artesanocr.netEscazu, Plaza Tempo, level 2, Banco Improsa / San Jose, Costa Rica.


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