"Processing Change"

As an Custom Made Architecture  Firm, specializing in Alternative and affordable Develops , we acquired a profound sense of analysis, research and investigative approaches for the resolution of matters related to construction and budget goals in Costa Rica.


Our Mission Statement as a group is finding excellence, planning, quality and logistics, our most deep values, our beliefs.


We do our work our job, and we are passionate about it, every single day of our lives, guiding our clients, being teach by our clients, we believe in synergy and effective team communication.

We aspire to be a leading Firm in the areas of Due Diligence, Funds Management and Alternative Architecture approaches in Costa Rica and for the world.

                       "we do it as if it were ours, we take it seriously...."

Your Team

Mariel Gonzalez


Accounting Dept.

Mari Jo Zuniga


CAD Designer

Kennethneth Arias


Project Architect

Jose Guillen 


Funds Management Dept.

Sven Krammer
Dominical Architect
Project Management

Construction  .  engineering  .  architecture  .  drawings  .  design

Christian Zamora

Guanacaste Engineer

Project Management

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