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                                      "Processing Change"

As a LEED architect and consultant in Costa Rica, I have achieved long expertise into the due diligence, Architecture and procurement processes, supported by specialist’s engineers and environmental advisers.


For many years working as project-manager, innovation and positive change have become part of my professional life, supported by the contribution of all parties, every person and place from Costa Rica, focused on finding the balance between technology and sustainable results.


Over 20 years of construction and engineering experiences, I understood how effective is planning and mitigate risk associated with Costa Rican market, with unique strategies and feasibility practices, for permits and procurement stage on public and private institutions.


With Our Company and associates, we have developed sustainable consulting and construction in-house, achieving financial success for both parties, deliver the contracts always on time and going beyond the own expectations.

Today, pursuing excellence and knowledge, are our teamwork mission, also acquiring experiences in Costa Rica market in different duties and business, to share the same expectations, hopes and vision for making Costa Rica one of the top investment destinations in the world. 


                                                                                        Design  .   Quality Control . Planning

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Maria Jose Zuniga

Architect    A-25933

CAD designer

Condominium Master

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Jose Guillen  V.

Architect      A-11401

Project Manager


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Josef Dvoracek

Hospitality & Leisure

Hotel Manager


Construction  .  engineering  .  architecture  .  drawings  .  design

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